Great Victory for Microsoft Taking down Botnets


Microsoft has announced another glorious win against one of the most threatening botnets that has been accused of having infected thousands of computers so far worldwide. In a prompt statement, the successful attempts have been analyzed and Microsoft’s digital crimes unit (DCU) took credit for another success.

ZeroAccess has been troubling millions of Internet users with the powerful and persistent malware that has been used for intercepting personal information and triggering frauds. Infections have been proven to compromise P2P, emailing, downloading and search engine results, among other stuff.

Of course, Microsoft is not the only company that has aimed at stopping similar cases of fraud and malware. As you may recall, Adobe has launched such an effort and this is just another example of the overall reactions against cyber crime. ZeroAccess has followed the taking down of other important botnets, such as those of Waledac, Rustock, Kelihos, Zeus and Nitol, as well as Bamital.

What Microsoft was able to accomplish in cooperation with local authorities in Switzerland, Luxemburg, Latvia, Germany and the Netherlands was in fact the blocking of communications among the US computers and the IP addresses that have been used for fraudulent purposes. 49 domains that have been linked to the use of ZeroAccess were also taken over. Apparently, this is another victory that should be celebrated by the people in Microsoft.

However, since it is not that easy for somebody to get rid of ZeroAccess on his device, Microsoft has brought to the public some thorough guidelines as to the safety of computers against malware in its very essence. We can only hope for even stricter control and monitoring of such malevolent content online.