The New Microsoft Hacker Challenge


Microsft new hackers challenge The New Microsoft Hacker Challenge

If you follow technology closely you might know that Microsoft has released their new version of Windows 8.1. The improved version was developed after it emerged that the original version was hard to use and its uptake in the market was poor. There were various security concerns with the original version too, especially the browser.

Microsoft has pretty much kept to its own methods when creating products. Customer input has been minimal especially in the development of OS.

Using hackers to test for flaws

But this has changed. Microsoft is treading on new ground with its new method of checking for flaws in its new product, Windows 8.1-or Windows 8 beta. As for the morality of it, we will that open to debate. Think of it as using a thief to catch a thief icon wink The New Microsoft Hacker Challenge

Facebook is one of the companies which have been providing a monetary incentive to hackers to test its vulnerability to security threats. Google has also been using hacker challenges to uncover flaws in security that its team of developers might not have fixed during the coding.

What Microsoft has done with the new windows 8.1 is different from what the rest have been doing in that it is offering more monetary incentive that has been offered by the rest before.

Microsoft is offering hackers or developers $100,000-yes, A HUNDRED GRAND – if they can point out a security flaw in the new windows. To show how serious Microsoft is about this security thing, they are adding $50,000 if the hacker or developer who finds a security flaw can suggest a way to remove the flaw.

For those people who have been worried about the security of their Microsoft Internet explorer browser, Microsoft is really determined to get rid of any flaws. The company is offering hackers a cool $11,000 if they can point out a security weak point in the new explorer that will come with the Windows 8.1.

While we appreciate and applaud the effort that Microsoft is putting into improving the security of the Windows 8.1 user, we must put our feet on solid reality and realize that a good OS is but the first defense against malicious hackers and software online.

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