Group Now Marches in Washington in Protest to the NSA’s Spying


An umbrella group going by the name “Stop Watching Us’’ bringing together more than 100 organizations like Occupy Wall Street NYC and American Civil Liberties Union among others organized a protest march against the ongoing NSA spying in the nation’s capital last Saturday.

Pressure has been building up following the extensive revelations of the NSA’s activities by the now exiled ex-CIA man Edward Snowden months ago. As Snowden stays exiled in Russia, a group of more than 2000 individuals marched Saturday in a rallying call to the administration to limit the reach of the NSA. It is now emerging that the organization is hell bent on snooping in on every little conversation it can, with recent reports suggesting that the NSA eavesdropped in on German’s Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone calls.

Reuters reported that the protesters demanded that congress amend the Patriot Act-which is in its 12th year-to reduce the power of the NSA. They claimed that the NSA is overstepping its mandate and has now moved from the patriotic act of defending citizens against terrorism to violating a fundamental liberty that defines America; freedom.

It is now becoming more and more apparent that the PRISM project is not only looking at potential threats to American security but also slowly collecting meta-data and building a bank of information on private citizens who ostensibly pose no threat to national security.

With big brother listening in, the American public is beginning to look for options to maintain a degree of privacy and anonymity especially online. The good news is that there is a service called VPN which can be bought for anywhere between $6 and $13 per month from a reputable provider like HideMyAss (HMA VPN review) that is specially designed to preserve privacy and anonymity online.

Rest assured that last Saturday’s march was not the last we have seen of activists against the Patriot Act. While it is unlikely that the government and congress will make any changes to the law soon, we might have some changes in the future. Until then, people will have to take matters into their own hands and buy a VPN subscription.