Mapping Can Get in the Way and Decrease Online Privacy – Growing in 2014!


Of course, the Internet has invaded our lives and has made some radical changes in our daily routine. One of these changes has to do with the privacy of our personal information. While it is unethical to monitor the behaviour and patterns of a person in real life, so as to understand what he likes and dislikes unless he has given his full consent, in the Internet there has been a solution. To be more precise, online marketers have figured out a way in order to camouflage their stalking habits when it comes to Internet users. In fact, they get to regard such actions as mapping and thus there is no negative meaning under the term.

However, in reality there is great concern as to why all Internet users can be subject to such monitoring patterns. Especially in India, with so many people sharing their personal details online, this phenomenon has become epidemic and will continue growing rapidly in the following year. No matter if you use passwords and usernames to log in a specific website, mapping will identify some crucial data for you. If you do log in, then through mapping there are many details including your gender and age that can be mined. Still, even without logging in there is the duration of your visitation to specific websites and so on. So, basically there is no reassurance as to when you will become part of statistics and research online.

What is even more disturbing is the fact that companies that have been well established on the Internet do not criticise mapping, rather than stay indifferent and state no actual opinion on the matter. Two striking names are of course Yahoo and Google and everyone can assume what such silence actually means. Mapping of course offers great benefits when it comes to banking, insurance, e-commerce and financial services and this is why more and more companies want to have their share on the findings.

Now more than ever it is imperative that Internet users learn their lesson. Only through the use of VPN can somebody be thoroughly protected against what everyone else wants to snoop. You should not feel guilty for visiting specific websites and you should not think twice before sending an email or updating your status on Facebook. With the use of VPN, you can still sleep at night without anything troubling you.