More Than 50,000 Computers Infected with Malware by NSA


More repulsive news has been brought to light about NSA. Unlike the primary concern of the Government which indicates that people have the power, NSA has been spying on thousands of computers and thus Internet users within the country. Malware has been infecting computers and has been creeping through the files and habitual visitations of the users, making our life transparent and vulnerable.

Plus, besides the websites that a person gets to visit, what can be spied on includes email and VoIP, telecommunications in general and of course IM chat and everything else of interest. What is more repelling is the fact that such data and personal information cannot only be used for pure political purposes (although this is not by any means justified either), but it can be used at will and by anyone.

Once again the heroic breakthrough has come from Edward Snowden and the convincing data that he has used to enlighten us on online espionage, published by the Dutch newspaper called NRC. This is remarkably alarming news, however it is left without any comment or even better without any face to face confrontation by NSA or the US Government in its very core.

Such malware can go unnoticed even when scanning the computer for viruses and spyware, since it is up to the NSA to turn it on or off according to the demands any given time. If we recall the frowning upon China’s tactics of spying on people coming from the lips of Hilary Clinton, we can see how fraudulent such a reaction has been.

Without a shield covering every aspect of our online presence, we can never feel safe again when surfing the web. We need to be prepared and take action against such prying eyes lurking in the dark and intercepting our sensitive data. VPN is the best solution so far for all Internet users, in avoidance of such malware and other threats globally.