Need for Mac VPN – Find the Best Provider of VPN for Macs


Mac VPN Need for Mac VPN   Find the Best Provider of VPN for Macs

Mac is the desktop line for Apple. The mackintosh desktop PC was the first Apple computer to be launched into the market an although the Mac is not as popular as the regular PC that runs on Windows, it has found a home with IT specialists and graphic designer since it is superior to the PC when it comes to these functions.

Regardless of whether you are running Windows or Mac OS, you need to connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN), for security and anonymity online. The only problem you might face is that not all VPN providers have the capability to support VPN for Mac. Below, we will look at who the best VPN provider for Mac is and why is that.

Why do you need Mac VPN?

Just like VPN for windows devices, VPN for Mac will allow you to stay anonymous online. This is made possible by the property of VPN whereby you can connect to a remote server so that you real IP address is not exposed online. When anyone tries to trace you, they get the server’s IP and not your real IP, thereby keeping you hidden and anonymous. VPN for Mac will also keep you data secure. This is because VPN for Mac providers will always encrypt your data so that it is only readable by you and the VP server. Anyone else trying to access that data will not be able to read it as it is coded.

When you get a VPN subscription for your Mac, you will also be able to access geo-blocked web content. This will be made possible by changing you virtual geographical location by connecting to a VPN server in a different country or continent so that you appear as if you are surfing from that country; thereby by passing geo-restrictions that have been place at your actual location.

Connecting a Mac device to VPN

First and foremost, you do not need to have any special technical knowledge in order to connect a Mac to VPN. In fact, all you need to do is follow a simple set of instruction that we outline below and you will be good to go.

MacLogo Need for Mac VPN   Find the Best Provider of VPN for Macs

What you do switch on your Mac and go to ‘choose networks’-by clicking on ‘main menu’, then ‘systems and preferences’ and finally to ‘choose networks’. When you are there, ‘click on add (+) network’ which will bring up a window where you will need to input relevant details. These relevant details will be provided to you by your Mac VPN provider. In the window, type in VPN in the interface area, preferred protocol (for example PPTP), VPN type and the name of the VPN provider under service name. When you have done that, another window will pop out and here you will need to feed details from your Mac VPN provider. These details include server address and account name. When you input these, click on apply.

The last step is going to ‘advanced tab’, clicking on ‘options’ and selecting the ‘send all traffic by VPN’ box. Congratulations, you are now good to go!

Best VPN provider for Mac

For the above steps to work, you need to be subscribed with the best VPN for Mac. Now, the best Mac VPN will have to be one that has the appropriate Mac VPN software, unlimited bandwidth, several security protocol to choose from, thousands of IP addresses and servers to choose from and affordable pricing. Looking at all the above aspects and other technical aspects not listed above, our team came to the conclusion that the best VPN provider for Mac is HideMyAss VPN. They meet all the above requirements and surpass them.