Lavabit Struggling for Anonymity despite US Government


It is comforting to know that there is still hope, when it comes to people standing out for what they believe. Ladar Levison, Lavabit’s proud owner, has been requested to hand out the sensitive data of the accounts used by this private email service. Of course, the cause for such an order has been no other than Edward Snowden. The word has been spread out and there has been justified speculation that the whistleblower of NSA is using such a form of communication for leaking the documents that shake things about in the field of online security.

Instead of just handing over the requested information, Ladar Levison has been in a constant fight and has managed to keep everything secret so far. He was forced to shut down the services provided by Lavabit, in avoidance of being turned to an accessory for crimes against US citizens, as he claims. It has been a really exhausting battle, but the goal of freedom has never been easy to accomplish.

Along with the trial that he is dealing with on the matter, Ladar Levison has joined the Dark Mail Technical Alliance. This is a group in search of an innovative encryption protocol for emails and similar information. This is a just cause and the efforts have been intensified, due to the recent revelations and reactions taken place.

The respected fighter against online freedom has been interviewed by the BBC and has expressed his belief that there is still hope for the USA and for the whole wide world concerning online security and privacy. However, the path is not so easy to cross and this is why determination is needed. As for the court, he expressed his hope for the best and his satisfaction for the forum like hearing. It is left in the hands of those responsible for preserving freedom and truth over lies and mischievous schemes to prove their integrity and their unbiased nature.