Latvia Refuses to Extradite Accused Hacker to US


Latvia has declined a request by the US to extradite Deniss Calovskis, a man accused of having played an integral part in the development of a virus which was used to steal millions from people around the world.

The virus allegedly developed by Deniss, a Russian man in a US jail and a Romanian awaiting extraditing to the US infected millions of devices worldwide, allowing data theft that was in turn used to fleece millions of bank accounts.

Now, while the Russian has been arrested and the Romanian is awaiting extradition, Deniss is still free in his native Latvia. Latvian courts have now declined to send him to be tried in the US twice already and the US is not amused.

The Latvian government, through its foreign minister, argues that the man faces up to 60 years in jail if he goes on trial in the US, and that amounts to a life sentence for a crime where no physical harm was done to anyone. In the eyes of the Latvians, the punishment is way over board, and they will not their man face that. The Latvians also argue that the crimes spanned the world so it is hard to justify trying the man in the US.

The US is incensed at the Latvians for their lack of cooperation in this case. These sentiments are best captured by the words of the US attorney Preet Bharara who said that the men were bank robbers regardless that no one was physically injured.

This extradition case is one that looks set to drag for a long time. This goes to show how dangerous the internet has become nowadays. But are we going to stop shopping and banking online, well no. what we will do is make sure that we step up our internet security so we are not victims of Deniss and those of his ilk. A good way to do that is by using a VP connection anytime we are online.

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