Edward Snowden – What if He is Telling the Truth?


International media houses are all over the latest internet security breach exposing. Well, this is not your everyday hacking story. This is a serious allegation that is being leveled against the government of the world’s leading democracy, USA. Never before have we had a former government agent expose the official hacking this openly. Read on as we tell you the story then give you a way to help you stay safe from being spied online.

When wiki leaks came out with confidential information, a lot of people were appalled at some of the things the government and its agents did in their official capacity. Many Americans were angry that their soldiers in Iraq, for example, had taken to killing innocent people and celebrating it. It was a matter of national shame. It injured the national brand that is America.

Now, what wiki leaks did was it exposed classified government communication. What Edward Snowden is alleging is that the government is spying on individuals, businesses and organization all over the world. Edward Snowden claims that the US government is carrying out massive internet surveillance not only for Americans but also for other people that attract its interest. Yes, if he is right, big brother is watching. You data are not private, your emails are being read and your social networks are being followed. You have been violated.

No, we know that you feel grossly abused by the fact that a leading democracy can fund and authorize such a massive abuse of basic human dignity. We too are, honestly. We are shocked that a government that claims to protect the liberties and freedoms of its citizens is secretly abusing those very rights. Talk about double standards. How can a government that attacks other nations under the excuse of safeguarding civil right and freedoms go ahead and violate these freedoms at such a scale?

The allegations being made by Mr. Snowden claim that the government is not hacking into private computers but rather it is hacking into the ISP servers. This means that the government goes to the provider’s network and accesses massive amounts of data which it then scrutinizes. The explanations being offered say that the surveillance is only interested in monitoring terrorist activity. This explanation does not, however, justify the scale at which this monitoring has been taking place.

Edward Snowden1 Edward Snowden   What if He is Telling the Truth?

Assuming that Edward Snowden is right, you realize that you need to find a way to safeguard your online privacy, simply because the very government that you trust to protect you is spying on you. The best way to stay safe online by far is getting a VPN service.

So How Does VPN Help?

VPNs are firms that have many servers located around the world. When you register with a VPN, the company allows you to use their servers as a middle man between your PC and the internet. By using VPN servers, your real IP address-a number that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns to each and every computer- for example, stays hidden meaning your location cannot be accurately determined. If your IP is masked, the hacking into the ISP server cannot reveal your real location.

But that is not the only way through which a VPN can protect you from government surveillance. A VPN employs several security protocols to encrypt your data. What this means is no one can crack your communication since it is written in code. A VPN also carries your data over secure channels.

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