Indetail Information about L2TP/IPSec Protocol


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L2TP/IPSec is a VPN protocol, just like PPTP, that is responsible for creating a secure and private Internet connection. That is the substitute which is suggested for PPTP, just where information encryption of a protected nature is needed. If you utilize the L2TP/IPSec Protocol, the tunnel is protected using the IPSec protocol. The Internet connection is hence furnished through the L2TP and encryption takes place with the IPSec. When a protected connection is established, IPSec enclosed the L2TP packets among VPN (Virtual Private Network) and your system. Considering that the L2TP packets are covered within IPSec packets, no one is allowed to view data from private network of another person, the one who is making use of such protocols.

It is one of the best options being provided for mobile devices. The IPSec does not have real vulnerabilities or issues and it is regarded very safe; that is a major factor for its popularity. Most of the mobile platforms such as iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android have crucial support for L2TP/IPSec Protocol pre-installed. Besides that, all Windows editions after 2000/XP and Mac OSX being released after 10.3+ has got the exact support built-in for L2TP/IPSec Protocol.

Governments worldwide and Internet Service Providers are limiting and controlling what residents and customers can access on the internet, and what they can’t. E-mails are checked, social networks are checked and occasionally restricted, your connection speed is throttled and some residents are not able to see messages and content from specific countries. Because of a VPN (Virtual Private Network), users presently have the solutions to this continuous attack of privacy in three simple ways:


Every time you link to Wireless internet at the airport, at a hotel and another public place, or perhaps you send an e-mail through your mobile device; then you potentially compromise on your own safety and security. By enabling your Web connection being encrypted, you’ll be able to protect all the data and web traffic, you receive and send.

Anonymity and Privacy

Anonymity and Privacy aren’t the similar and can’t afford to be baffled. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) prevents any unknown person from “looking into your house”. It’d assure your privacy and you’ve command over who may “look in”, it is ensured by encrypting only. By that you’re able to hide IP address from the rest of the world, which hides your identity online and gives you all the freedom and confidence needed, to make use of the Internet technology at full.


The deep packet inspection or ISP DPI affects to remove away any hope of privacy and freedom for several online users. An ideal VPN will protect you from this DPI; and will make sure that your privacy is in your possession.

Why and When to use L2TP/IPSec?

  • It offers greater compatibility with all wireless routers and corporate firewalls.
  • It is very easy to set-up. Absolutely no software program from third parties is required and virtually all systems support it. Moreover, mobile devices support it.
  • Provides 256-bit encryption, and that is also the exact strength that almost all financial organizations use.
  • It assures data integrity and the privacy of your information and data. It shields the amendment of all the data and information from sender to a receiver.
  • It’d stop cyber criminals from targeting you in an effort to sniff your confidential data.
  • It can constantly authenticate just who the sender was that mailed the specific data.

You will obtain VPN assistance with L2TP/IPSec protocol being provided with any package you order from a top VPN provider.