Kickstarter Alerting Users on Recent Hacking Experience


Another recent hacking success is brought to light and raises even deeper concern for the overall online security of websites, even the most popular and best established ones on the Internet that might seem impenetrable at first glance. One such striking example is that of Kickstarter and the recent hit that it suffered from a couple of days back. As they stated, there has been no credit card compromise so far. However, how can one know for sure and sleep tight at night?

Although the representatives of Kickstarter go ahead with soothing people, due to the lack of determined damage having been caused with compromised information, the truth is that people have become agitated as a result of the ongoing hacks of websites and businesses in general that were regarded as bulletproof. First there was Target, then there was Neiman-Marcus and now we have got Kickstarter to deal with. So far, two accounts have been identified as having activity that has not been authorized properly and thus the percentage seems pretty low to this day. Still, nobody can be certain of what will come up next.

As the people from Kickstarter admit, there has been breach in the passwords and the email addresses, as well as phone numbers. Such information can be crucial and especially online and this is what makes things even more threatening over time. As our small piece of advice, we can only stress out the paramount value of subscribing to VPN (top 10 VPNs) and allowing an extra layer of security being wrapped around your precious information. It is worth it, trust us!