Legendary Hacker Kevin Mitnick Referring to Edward Snowden and NSA Spying


The Internet has become more of a necessity for the vast majority of people globally and therefore its use is of paramount value. Used for work, entertainment, information and communication the web has invaded our lives and has brought significant changes altogether. Nevertheless, nobody could have easily predicted how many threats and breaches in online privacy could emerge at the time of the Internet’s breakthrough.

Kevin Mitnick, former most wanted hacker of FBI and current security consultant has been interviewed by the Russian Television in RT.com and has made an impression with his disarming honesty and his interaction with people on Facebook during the interview.

It is worth mentioning that his hacking background started at the young age of twelve, when he hacked into the system just to get his train card. Ever since, his action became more intense by the minute. He has written quite a few books such as “Ghost in the Wires” and his company “Mitnick Security Consulting” deals with people who have got similar intentions to those of his former life.

NSA Hacking Background and Snowden’s Exposure

Kevin Mitnick admitted having breached the security in National Security Agency, but he only did it for finding out what could be intriguing about that. In the end, he simply overheard a conversation that had nothing to do with significant or top classified events.

However, when he referred to Edward Snowden he did not regard him as a traitor, rather than a person stating the obvious. The only red flag about Snowden is that he revealed secrets to countries abroad and that had substantial negative effects for the US. Given the certainty that all countries use similar tactics, this is not the right way to go and Snowden should have held back such information.

Inability to Stop Hacking and Best Solution for Online Privacy

It is true that all Governments have been trying to come up with the top solutions as to how to fight hacking and eliminate such effects. Nevertheless, this is highly unlikely if not entirely impossible. Kevin Mitnick is certain that hacking will continue its course and will always be there, in search of the tiniest breach in security.

As for our safest method of protection against online hacking, Kevin Mitnick is crystal clear; he considers the use of leading VPN as the top option for encrypting our data and keeping us thoroughly protected while surfing the web. So, anyone in search of shielding himself and his online navigation in the best manner possible, the key lies beneath the use of VPN.