Kaspersky Revealed that Facebook Aims at Confidential Info Interception


All Android users should be extremely cautious, since this is where there is much further and more intense access for data interception. As it has been brought to light by Kaspersky, the well established security firm, there is ground below the accusations of Facebook trying to gain access to the messages and other crucial info deriving from its users. According to the last updates of Facebook there is such an option for you to accept, meaning that Facebook clearly throws the ball on you and asks of you for permission to overlook at your messages.

We all remember that Edward Snowden has included Facebook in the websites and apps that have been assisting NSA in its goal to learn more info about Internet users. This comes as an extra confirmation of what the whistleblower has already stated and there is great concern as to the aim of such data access. Of course, there is no direct reaction on behalf of Facebook to this moment. As for the reason why access to messages is requested, this is vaguely explained in terms of confirming personal information during the registration process and enhancing the online experience of the Facebook user.

Although it is really comforting to see popular websites such as Facebook using two-factor authentication as their shield against unauthorized access to the website’s content, it is really important to stress out that all users of the web need to be vigilant and filter the access they give through accepting terms and downloaded apps. It is a matter of online privacy. With what is going on, this is not to be dealt with lightly. Finally, you can see why VPN has been growing rapidly in demand and especially among Android users and people making use of mobile devices in general. It is worth it!