Former Presidential Candidate John McCain Now Wants NSA’s Chief Out


Republican John McCain now wants the NSA’s chief General Keith Alexander out. The fiery republican who served his country in the military wants the General to resign or be fired over the NSA leaks by Edward Snowden.

Mr. McCain is disappointed that a contractor employee like Edward Snowden had managed to obtain highly classified data that he then shared with the media. A contractor employee, in McCain’s opinion, should never have even come close to finding out about the NSA’s top tier operations, let alone have relevant files and data to expose them.

Snowden caused the US government its biggest security leak. The government agency is still smarting from the blow they were dealt and McCain feels that the leadership, in particular General Keith, should shoulder the responsibility and step away, or be forcefully required to do so.

The former presidential candidate also wants the chief of the NSA out over the alleged tapping of Angela Merkel’s phone. It is incomprehensible to McCain why the leader of a strong NATO ally and a close trade partner like Germany should have her privacy violated like that. In McCain’s book, that is a huge mistake. It would only appease the German’s, and other leaders involved, to see the General take responsibility and leave office.

But isn’t that a classic case of political double speak? See, McCain is angry that Ed Snowden exposed citizen surveillance but is disappointed that Angela Merkel’s privacy was violated. If a private citizen’s privacy is violated, there is no problem. It’s just a day at the office in the NSA but if a leader’s privacy is violated, all hell should break loose and people should get fired.

Well, we don’t agree. We think it’s best that everyone’s privacy is respected. But you and I know that will not happen, even if the General were to leave office. And that is precisely why we recommend that everyone takes matters security and privacy personally and gets a VPN service from a provider like HideMyAss for a few dollars a month.

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