How to Overcome Japan’s Anti-Piracy Issues


How to Overcome Japans Anti Piracy Issues How to Overcome Japans Anti Piracy Issues

Due to ongoing alerts as to the rate of illegal uploading and downloading, Japan has made the decision of becoming much stricter regarding its anti-piracy policy.

As a consequence, there are very strict penalties posed both to the people who are found guilty of uploading a video that has been copyrighted and those who download such content. If you take a look at the penalties and fines that have been decided to be applied, you will think twice before going ahead with the same patterns of illegal distribution and sharing of files yourself.

In fact, the penalties for downloading unauthorized content are about two million yen (approximately $25,680) and are followed by two years in prison. Similarly, when you are found guilty of uploading such content you are confronted with ten years’ imprisonment along with ten million yen (approximately $128,300). However, there is still a solution available for you to consider!

Anti-Piracy Worldwide and VPN

All over the world there are such anti-piracy movements that aim at protecting the copyrights of movies, music and videos of all sorts, among many other publications and things that can be shared illegally on the web. Since sales figures have been dropping dramatically, this is actually the strongest point of many owners who want to make the most out of their property and enjoy earnings out of something that they have been working on for a long time.

Nonetheless, if you still want to upload or download content regardless of your location and without fearing that there will be a penalty posed on to you, then you ought to make use of a VPN.

What you can succeed in through the use of VPN such as HideMyAss is indeed a fully encrypted online navigation that will work true wonders for you. Nobody will be able to identify your exact location, so there will be no actual threat as to being traced and fined for your actions.

We have found that HideMyAss is able to provide you with the best level of security at all times, while at the same time being in the position of guaranteeing smooth function and great speed. So, if you want to enjoy full freedom and overcome difficulties including anti piracy laws and details such as that of Japan, then VPN is the optimum weapon that you can hold on to for your own protection.