iVPN Review – An in Depth Look on iVPN


iVPN Review iVPN Review   An in Depth Look on iVPN

Ever since its first establishment back in 2009, iVPN has been proven to work wonders towards facilitating things in the field of online safety measures and additional special features. If you are interested in surfing the web while not jeopardizing any of your personal information altogether, then iVPN will certainly amaze you from day one. In fact, iVPN can provide all the advantages of a conventional Virtual Private Network and at the same time go the extra mile and offer even more.

During its baby steps, iVPN was closely related to MAC Operating System and the VPN feature that was included within the specific software. After a great many controlled testings and lengthy research, iVPN was later expanded to other OS and protocols as well. Needless to say that this is the actual reason why iVPN was originally launched as part of MAC OS and was unavailable for other users to give it a try for a long time.

As for their policies in the field of payments and other details related to subscriptions, they are all included within their analytic packages. The great thing is that there is the option of a weekly trial and guarantee of money refund.

How to Start Using iVPN on Your Device and OS

According to your level of knowledge when it comes to computing, you can choose to install the software or manually go through the set up of the specific connection without experiencing any discomfort whatsoever. You will be requested to create an account to their service and sign up. Subsequently, you will receive detailed emails including your username and password, as well as your setting for LAN and other features.

You can go ahead with reading through the numerous manuals and tutorials or even watch them online, since they can help you better understand how to proceed with the whole setting up. After all, you can also get to consult with the helpful customers service always available for you and your every question, 24/7.

It is a fact that iVPN has got great compatibility and not only when it comes to MAC OS, as mentioned above. Indeed, the reviews in Windows and Linux are remarkable and it is exceptional that iVPN can now support all kinds of security protocols. In the beginning, iVPN only used OpenVPN protocol and it used to raise great dispute. Nonetheless, now there has been changes making PPTP and L2TP/IPsec also accessible.

Another great feature of iVPN is actually server switching, called the Multihop technology. Traffic can be distributed through multiple servers and this is done without having to lift a finger. The impact on the encryption and safe navigation online is outstanding.

Prices for iVPN

The price rates for iVPN can be regarded as extremely affordable, being grouped into a single package and only altering when it comes to the length of each subscription. So, users do not need to worry about getting the best bargain and finding the most suitable offer for them.

As for the monthly fee for iVPN, this is $15 for repeated subscriptions and $20 for those that are single subscriptions, instead. There are also discounts offered to those with longer subscriptions. To be more specific, those with 3 months cost only $30, 6 month packages cost $70 and last, but definitely not least, yearly subscriptions cost $100, saving you quite a few dollars.

ivpn Prices1 iVPN Review   An in Depth Look on iVPN

Even though there is no actual free trial for a potential customer to determine whether or not iVPN is what he has been looking for, there is the option of a 7 day money refund, in case the service does not live up to the standards of the client. Over time, you can cancel your subscription within minutes and you simply pay for the time frame in which the service has been used on your behalf.

Finally, when it comes to the payments methods used for iVPN they frequently include online payments completed via PayPal, AlertPay, PayOffline, Cashu and Liberty Reserve. Credit card holders should either use PayPal or AlertPay.

Response Times and Other Special Qualities of iVPN

It is common knowledge that in cases of Virtual Private Networks there is substantial lack of speed in the whole process. This can be justified if you get to think that VPN includes a middleman standing right between your Internet connection and the website you want to visit. However, having said all that we have surprisingly identified that the speed in which iVPN worked was remarkable.

Even though in certain cases the speed did drop for a while, uploading was a treat and there were no serious problems throughout our whole navigation. After all, the multiple technology including the server switching can result in such speed drops. Generally though, the whole outcome has been exceptional in both quality and efficiency. Finally, no actual limitations are evident in the field of bandwidth.

Where are iVPN servers located

Although there is not an actual detailed list including all the servers used in iVPN, there are several servers available in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Netherlands and France. This can satisfy the needs of accessing all the globe and it can enable the smooth switching according to your existing needs any given time.

iVPN iVPN Review   An in Depth Look on iVPN

What you need to keep in mind though is the fact that there are no specific, dedicated IP addresses available on iVPN. Even after requests, they are not offered since this can jeopardize the whole concept of encrypted and safe navigation online.

Full Technical and Customers Support and Service

This is one of iVPN’s negative aspects, if we may say so. It seems that there is a live chat option on their website, but it s not online as it is claimed to be, 24/7. As for the support tickets that you are urged to file, they can be left unnoticed and thus unattended for a long time.

You can gaze through the numerous tutorials and other help found online, while there is also a phone number if you are at a complete loss and you do not have any other way of resolving a problem. As you can see, we have found a weak spot.

Flaws and Troubleshooting in iVPN

Though the Multihop technology aiming at server switching can result in bad response times, this is something that can be totally justified. Once more, the true drawback lies beneath the fact that customers care is not as attentive as it should be. You will need to take care of everything on your own and this is not such an easy task to handle, even by professionals or people who are knowledgeable in the field of computing in general.

Another disadvantage is the overall cost that is somewhat more expensive than that of more stable VPN providers that include all the features stated at a much better value for money.

Conclusion of iVPN Review

As you have probably realized so far, there are both advantages and disadvantages related to iVPN. It is a fact that iVPN is far better than many other VPN providers on the market. However, security measures and anonymity as well as encrypted features lead to bad response times and frequent issues emerging.

In addition, poor customers care and the increased cost can also be regarded as severe drawbacks. Either way, there is the option of a weekly money back guarantee in the form of a trial that can help you out comprehend whether or not iVPN is meant for you. Enjoying one of the discounts can make things even better for you along the way!

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