Is Your Video Gaming Data Safe? Secure it Today!


Video Gaming Data Is Your Video Gaming Data Safe? Secure it Today!

Reliable internet sources have informed us that popular games developer Crytek has been attacked by cyber criminals who targeted customer data. The hack was said to have occurred on the 3rd of August 2013, forcing the gaming company to send an email to all its users of the popular sites and urging them to change their passwords and log in details.

And this is not an isolated incident; the gaming industry has come under massive attack online from hackers, mainly owing to the fact that gaming is now a multi-billion industry. In July, Ubisoft’s (Ubisoft is the creator of popular game Assassin’s Creed) Uplay service was attacked, causing the company to urge users to change their log in details and passwords-although the company maintains that no user data was stolen.

Still in July, Konami-the makers of Pro evolution soccer announced that they were taking steep measures to improve their data security and assure gamers that their details were safe after a whooping 4 million attempts were made at stealing Konami’s customer data. Gaming continues to grow as more and more people join the online gaming world. There will be more attacks on gaming companies as hackers go after financial details of gamers. Hackers will continue to attack as they seek to steal credit card information from users.

Now, while gaming companies have the technical ability to develop advanced games, they still have a long way to go since the battle with hackers will drag on for a long time. It is becoming increasingly obvious that if a gamer wants to buy and enjoy online games, he will have to take his own measures to protect his financial dealing online.

The good thing is, today we have affordable technology that can allow a gamer to stay anonymous and protected online. The technology, more importantly, encrypts all traffic to and from a user’s computer, ensuring that it cannot be accessed by any other party.

The technology we are talking about here is VPN. There are many VPN providers and as a gamer, it is important that you go and get a VPN subscription. The heavy gamers around our office use HideMyAss, a UK VPN provider with a proven track record for security, speed and anonymity.

If you can afford to pay for a game, then you surely can afford to pay up less than $15 a month for VPN. Remember, VPN not only protects you but also allows you to access websites that are inaccessible from your location-geoblocked websites. The question is, will you stop gaming because a few hackers are trying to steal from you? We guess no. Keep gaming, but stay protected via a VPN connection.