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iPvanish Review IPVanish Review   Not Your Ordinary Internet Security

VPN security does not work like your ordinary antivirus that deletes any malicious software that might have infected your computer. It prevents your computer from being easily identified on the internet, making it virtually impossible for any harmful entity to reach you, or even identify your location for that matter. This impressive development in online security has made VPN a fast-growing industry. It is fast becoming a necessity for us users― whether you’re a company or an individual, VPN is becoming a vital component to networks across the globe.

With so many competitors vying for users’ favorable reception, it’s understandably tough to determine which one truly deserves to be named the best VPN service provider. Nowadays, there are so many features and promos offered to users by the companies, one must pay very careful attention to the details of the product before rating them.

Unlike other VPN service providers, IPVanish VPN was developed by an established company that has proven itself through 15 years of network management and IP services, to say the least. It has become a popular name in the market as it had built its street credibility over the years. To get a hold of this product, check out this IPVanish Review which thoroughly discusses the details of its features and performance as a VPN service provider.

The Name Says It All

Because IPVanish VPN came from a company that has long been in the online network industry-and is therefore backed up by an experienced team-we can’t really say that it is entirely new. Although it was only launched in 2012, IPVanish VPN already has more than 90 servers operating in 41 countries, with no less than 35,000 IPs offered.

That’s a lot to handle for someone who seems new to the market. The name itself already gives you an idea of what to expect― disappear entirely from all the dangers of the Internet in a breeze.Vanish. Here we give you the IPVanish VPN products in detail.


IPVanish has come out to become one of the top VPN providers in the market. With its global capacity being nothing short of impressive, this product boasts more than 90 servers in 41 countries including Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Japan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and US. You’d be happy to know that the company continuously add additional servers in more countries, so expect a wider range of connection from this VPN service provider.

IPVanish VPN Servers1 IPVanish Review   Not Your Ordinary Internet Security

IPVanish lets you choose from over 3500 dynamic IP addresses, with all servers virtually accessible to the users. With a dynamic IP address, your traffic will be spread all around the world because they are shared― your traffic coincides with other customers who use the same IP, creating a flux that makes individual traffic impossible to trace. Note that although you can access these IP addresses at anytime and anywhere, you may only use one of them at a time. On top of that, it also lets you connect two VPN-able devices simultaneously in one VPN account. Isn’t that amazing?

The company also promotes transparency as a means to better security service by providing a feature that shows the amount of server capacity as well as the available speed. This feature is extremely helpful to the users, as they can select a server that can give them the fastest connection for better internet connection.

Bandwidth and Speed

One of the factors in choosing a VPN service provider is its speed. Although it is expected that your connection speed decreases when using VPN, withIPVanish speed surprisingly does not drop.

ipvanish speed1 IPVanish Review   Not Your Ordinary Internet Security

Based on speed tests, IPVanish can access a maximum of approximately 80% of the connection speed generated by the ISP. You can expect to get a somewhat 60-70% of the connection speed on the average using this provider. With this speed you can enjoy watching live streams or other popular media streams such as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. Not bad for such a promising product. What do you think?

The tests did, however,reveal some minor glitches in the connection. Now these glitches are not necessarily caused by the VPN directly. But for what it’s worth, these glitches may be the side effect of having several encryption layers. This should not be a cause for concern though, as IPVanish has proven to be one of the fastest VPN service providers out in the market today.

When it comes to the bandwidth, IPVanish maintains that it offers unlimited connection with all its pricing plans and promos. This is a very appealing offer to both the current users and potential users too. On it’s side,IPVanish must be careful to maintain its speed as the number of customers increase. It has been observed that speed problems arise when a VPN’s promo attracts more users than it can comfortably serve.

IPVanish is still quite new in the VPN industry. There aren’t as many customers as there are on other established VPN service providers; server overload should therefore not be a problem in the foreseeable future. Even with the number of servers consistently increasing, you can be sure of a faster and better internet connection with this product.

Features, Protocols and Devices Supported

For a service that is new to the VPN industry, IPVanish seems to stay at par with the competition pretty well. Within just a year, it has already gained recognition as one of the top VPN service providers. It has developed a system that can guarantee the users quality VPN service unlike any other.

For the protocols, IPVanish supports OpenVPN, PPTP, L2PT/IPSec and L2TP/PPTP XML.

When it comes to device support, IPVanish offers decent software for both computer and mobile platforms. The software supports operating systems such as Windows 7/XP/Vista as well as Mac OS/X. Users with Linux OS will have a bit of a hiccup as it is not covered by IPVanish. They will eventually be forced to follow a more complex set-up mode. That goes for the mobile operating systems iOS and Android too, since there is no app for the software as of yet.

The product’s software is the most preferred mode of installation for IPVanish as it is very user-friendly and convenient for anyone, with or without prior knowledge of the product. This kind of installation is quite fast too― just type in the information provided by IPVanish and start enjoying the internet.

Pricing Plans and Discounts

For a product that is new to the VPN business, IPVanish has already leveled with other top VPN service providers when it comes to pricing. It has improvised its marketing strategy by putting up a skilfully constructed single package plan complete with unlimited VPN data transfer and two simultaneous connections for your VPN-enabled.

IPVanish Cost1 IPVanish Review   Not Your Ordinary Internet Security

devices/platforms and a free IPVanish software. You can choose from three different payment methods: A $10 worth of monthly subscription; a 3-month subscription worth $26.99 which can save you 25% a month; and a one-year subscription worth $77.99 which can save you up to 46% a month. IPVanish VPN is by far the most affordable top online security provider in the market. No one can beat such a fully packed and not to mention, affordable offer. You can pay for this VPN service through credit card or PayPal.

The IPVanish offer also comes with a 7-day money back guarantee. Although most VPN service providers with good reputation offer up to a 30-day money back guarantee or even a free trial period, IPVanish opted to lay low on this aspect. It’s hard to determine the quality of performance of service-type businesses such as VPN and for a growing provider like IPVanish, it certainly wouldn’t cost them a lot to offer more than a week of quality assurance.

IPVanish VPN Customer Support

Coming from a company that has over 15 years of experience in content delivery and IP services, the team behind IPVanish VPN understands the complexity of global Internet use. This is precisely why they have ensured the best customer support for IPVanish VPN users all over the world. The provider offers live chat, email support, forum and even website contact forms― guaranteeing accessibility through any form of media for customers to choose.

However, the live chat is only available for a limited amount of time. Users who are located in different time zones may have a hard time connecting to the customer support using this feature. IPVanish makes sure that email support as well as website contact forms are up and running and ready to answer to the customer’s concerns. You can expect a response from the team within ten minutes with IPVanish customer support.

IPVanish VPN: Errors and Omissions

Our IPVanish VPN Review recognized some mishaps with this product as the course of this assessment progressed. These are relatively insignificant errors, such as a few connectivity issues, which is a common problem with VPN service providers. So far, no major problems have been encountered with IPVanish VPN― a truly well-constructed VPN service product.

IPVanish Review: The Verdict

Our extensive IPVanish Review highly recommends this product for all the users who want fast and complete anonymity on the Internet.
ipvanish11 IPVanish Review   Not Your Ordinary Internet SecurityIt offers great discount promos as well as user-friendly features. However, there are some issues we’d like to address to IPVanish, such as a longer trial service or money-back promos for credibility, a 24/7 live chat service for better customer support, a VPN terminal for Linux OS users, VPN Apps for mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS and more payment methods for the users to choose from.

IPVanish VPN has truly come out to be one of the best VPN service providers in the market, no doubt intimidating competition with its global approach to online security and its unparalleled performance in giving the customers full service support since its launch in 2012.

It has already been rated the fastest tier-1 VPN network in the market― a guarantee that IPVanish is completely owned and run by their own company, not to mention its great offers and features― unlimited bandwidth and connection, topped with a wide range of supported protocols and devices and added with a feature that lets the users determine the servers with the least amount of load, this VPN serves undoubtably impressive product.

With over 90 servers in 41 countries and more than 3500 IPs, IPVanish assures credibility, efficiency and quality in providing internet security. Backed out by a trusted name, you can never go wrong with this VPN service provider.

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