Good news for Android Users – IPVanish Released an App for Android Users


At AllOfVPN, we are excited when VPN providers release products that seek to improve the quality of service delivery to the people. When VPN providers create faster, better and more inclusive ways for you to go online in a secure and easier way, we love it. And that is why we are happy to break the good news for android users; this week, IPVanish has released an app for Android users.

So what does this mean?

This means that you can now access IPVanish’s 100+ servers located in over 43 countries on android. With these servers, you have the freedom to choose an IP address from over 7000 available IPs. You can stay anonymous from your android device! This also means that you have access to one of the fastest VPNs available today. You have been handed a way through which you can stream all content from You Tube, Vimeo, hulu, Netflix or any other site, from the palm of your hand.

This IPVanish android app gives you the ability to unblock geo-blocked sites, send and receive email from your tab or smart phone securely and stay anonymous online. Among the biggest beneficiaries of this new app are international travelers. For far too long, travelers have faced the problem of accessing their local sites like hulu when in foreign countries.

What used to happen is, even if you had IPVanish, you could only access these sites on your laptop or a pc in the foreign country. So what happened if you had no access to a pc or laptop? You were stuck. Your expensive tab or new generation smart phone was useless.

But that is last year’s news now that IPVanish has rolled out an app for android. You can now enjoy your favorite sites through their VPN. For the first time, an IPVanish user will enjoy the benefits of fast, unlimited and secure internet access WITH mobility of an android device. Exciting.

The best part of this deal is that this app is free. Yes, you will not have to pay a single dime over your normal subscription fees. You simply download the app, install and you are good to go. If you are not sure about how to go about the installation, do not worry; IPVanish has you covered. The app comes with an elaborate installation guide.

The new IPVanish app for android contains interesting features like unlimited switching of IP addresses whereby you can switch servers by country or-even more exciting-by city. If you have an IPVanish subscription and an android device, welcome home. The world is at you feet.

If you do not have an IPVanish subscription, we will let you know that you are missing out on secure and unlimited browsing on the go. You are missing out on one of the most affordable-there are packages for a s low as $6.49 per month- fast VPNs around. You are also missing out on one of the best customer support teams around.

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