Internet Traffic Can Be Re-Routed and Misdirected, Causing Grave Security Breaches


If you think that your traffic is secured online, then you should reconsider. According to the findings of Renesys, the chances are that your traffic can be re-routed and misdirected, resulting in severe threats and dangers for all Internet users. Especially if you run a business that has to do with financial transactions (for instance, banks and credit card providers on the market), you are far more vulnerable towards such threats. In a similar manner, Governments and the various organizations should be alerted on the subject, just like literally everybody.

Over their testing, people working in Renesys have observed MITM (Man in The Middle) attacks and hijacks that varied as far as their duration and severity are concerned. When compared with simple route attack, the MITM attack is far more powerful and thus less likely to be traced. So, it becomes a vital threat against online privacy. Since the traffic is not stolen and redirected elsewhere, the odds of identifying such an attack get much decreased. Instead, the traffic is thoroughly inspected and data of crucial value can be intercepted.

For instance, there have been cases when instead of traffic being driven from Guadalajara to Washington directly, in reality it has been directed to Belarus or Iceland. This is quite alarming, as it is another striking example of how fragile and vulnerable we all are when it comes to protecting our personal data. Still, a way to get the adequate protection online would be to make use of VPN. Only through subscribing to VPN can you rest assured that your data is fully secured while surfing the web.