Indonesia and China Top List of Internet Security Threats Sources


Internet security organization Akamai from the US has released a list of 177 countries that have been the source of security threats online over the past year. China comes in at number one followed by Indonesia and the US. It’s important to note that the numbers from China and US are dropping but the Indonesian numbers continue to rise.

Other notable nationalities in the list were Turkish, Russians, Indians, Taiwanese, Brazilians, Romanians and the Hong Kong people. Most of these countries lie in the Asia region, with a few lying in what the word now refers to as Oceania.

The study also looked at the nature of connection speeds across the world and the result was that speeds rose by 3.1mbps. South Koreans had an enviable average of 14.2 MBPS; now that is sweet!

It would be a great injustice if we let you know that there is massive internet security threats and not give you a way to protect yourself. The best way to avoid being part of the statistics that form the basis for the study above is the use of VPN-Virtual Private Network. The best provider according to our meticulous research and rigorous testing remains HideMyAsss.

Do not be a statistic when you have a way to stay safe online.