Internet restrictions all over Asia


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In the past, the internet was just used for entertainment purposes but as the years go by, there has been a drastic rise in its popularity and usage. Today, people find it almost impossible to stay offline because the internet is very useful for many purposes.

The internet has been a big help in facilitating easy communication over wide geographical areas and making daily transactions faster. It is therefore sad that no matter how huge the benefits it provides to people around the world there are other people in some regions, particularly in Asia, who aren’t able to enjoy them owing to internet restrictions.

Internet usage has become a common trend in many countries but some governments are not happy about that, making them impose internet restrictions. Some find the World Wide Web “liberating” while others have fears and see it as a ‘threat’. Among these countries are those that are in Asia. Asian countries face more restrictions on internet use than any other countries on earth. Some of the restrictions are as follows:

  • In Thailand, blog owners are required to practice secret censoring of comments because if they do not follow this, they can be locked up for up to 15 years.
  • In Vietnam, the government targets bloggers who they suspect of spreading anti-state propaganda. 13 Vietnamese were recently convicted and sentenced to prison for between 4 to 12 years for blogging. There also are restrictions about visiting news and other websites that are said to be run by the opposition.
  • Due to different bills and guarantees put in place with the promise to allow complete internet freedom to foreign investors, the Malaysian government is more secretive about internet monitoring and censorship. Nevertheless, there are bloggers who complain of being harassed by different government agents to remove material that is against the state.
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This rise in internet bottlenecks has resulted in a sudden upsurge in the demand for ways to bypass them and access the web without the fear of being caught by the government. The only reliable and cost-effective solution to this problem is the use of a Virtual Private Network. With a VPN connection you are able to bypass the various internet restrictions in your location because VPN alters your IP address temporarily making your internet activity anonymous and hidden.

Internet restrictions are a huge inconvenience to a lot of people because they make some basic online tasks hard to do. It is a good thing that a VPN connection easily helps us to bypass any internet censorship that might be active in our geographical location.