Internet Kill Switch as the Ultimate Barrier against Online Data Compromise When VPN Fails to Function Properly


Imagine you are about to buy something online and you have got yourself covered through the use of VPN. Suddenly, the VPN goes down for a couple of minutes due to some reason. You are completely unaware of such a change and you proceed with your financial transaction, carefree due to the fact that you are thoroughly protected online. However, it takes just a couple of seconds for a hacker or anywhere else wishing to intercept your personal data to do so. You are left in the dark and your VPN goes back to normal. How ironic this might feel!

Unfortunately, there are frequent interruptions (or not so frequent, but still apparent) of the VPN provider that might ruin the whole security layer of yours. In avoidance of such unwanted side effects, PureVPN goes ahead with a breakthrough and introduces Internet Kill Switch. As soon as your VPN has been down, so does your Internet connection. This will definitely guarantee that in no way will your personal info be jeopardized when being online. Isn’t this cool? PureVPN really knows how to hit the spot and where to focus on in the struggle for more thorough protection online.

Along with the Internet Kill Switch, which is in fact the most treasured feature of PureVPN according to its customers, there is ongoing struggle towards making the services better for the clients and more convenient to use without any need to be tech savvy to deal with your security enhancement.

In an era where VPN (Virtual Private Network) grows stronger by the minute, features such as Internet Kill Switch make such an option of protection even more impenetrable!