News RoundUp – Internet Addicted Kids in Korea


Korean kids between the ages of 6 and 9 are developing an addiction to the internet. A Korean mom by the name Kim recently reported that her 7 year old daughter gets very angry if she is denied use of the computer. The little girl recently shocked her mother by going on an online store and filling a shopping cart with toys.

But Kim’s daughter is not alone. A whole Korean generation of kids is becoming increasingly dependent on the internet. A study involving 5,000 children all above the age of six across Korea revealed that kids between 6 and 9 spend about 2 hours online daily.

But that’s not the only thing; these kids are posting videos, writing things and uploading drawings online with the frequency of most 50 year old. The kids also read a lot too, and they are getting influenced by what they are reading online. A huge percentage (41.1%) believed what they read on social sites and 34.7% believed what they read on shopping sites.

With the above numbers, it becomes important that parents get some form of protection since kids may post things that will compromise their security. Social sites, for example, may pose a danger to kids and the family if they are not regulated.

A good VPN should help parents keep their IP hidden just in case a kid updates some sensitive information online. While exposure to computes is good, the internet should be handled carefully since it can corrupt good morals.