Indian Cyber Security Facing Talent Disaster Reported By EC Council


Although being the core region for cyber market, India now also has become the favorite victim for cyber threats. This present state of the country is due to lesser skilled users’ involvement in controlling of such alarming issues. The whole story is described by the EC-Council, the world leaders in cyber security certification and training. About ten thousand contestants from hundred colleges throughout India assisted EC-Council to accomplish the report.

What we need in an ever-evolving cyber security landscape is talent that responds sophisticated threats in a timely manner. To enable a task force set up, we need a talent pipeline that is trained to confidently fix the weak spots. Our initiatives in India are towards providing an identification and sustained development of talent in the field of Information Security.

As quoted by the president, EC Council, Mr. Sanjay Bavisi in a session.

The sectors may be affected by these possible threats are:-

  • Brute-force
  • Dictionary attack
  • Exposure of private material among others
  • Data altering
  • Credential theft
  • Eavesdropping

EC Council more over added in the report as under:-

  • Only 27 percent skilled individuals were involved in managing of the files and 73 % of the users were not fully equipped to sort out such threats.
  • The users at the percentage of 28 were found to know the process of authorization and authentication, a requisite capability for data safety and necessary tool required by a professional.
  • An astonishing fact unveiled in the report that about 75% of the users had technical deficiency even in managing errors, in this way they became host for such criminal activities.

According to the EC Council’s findings, the sectors like information, energy, healthcare, defence and banking may be highly affected by this shortfall in information technology safety.

Declaration of launching of iLabs in India by EC Council

The setup of iLabs to recover the deficiencies across the country is declared by the president today in the session. iLabs are actually the stream of equipment which will permit students to gain physical training to understand the ideology and basics lessened in EC-Council’s IT Security Certification programs. These courses can be domestically attained and also be covered through the nearby learning centers within two to five days. The cost for the courses ranges from thirty thousand rupees to thirty five thousand rupees according to the level of the course.

Objectives of iLabs

  • The main objective to introduce such iLabs to make consumers capable to handle the probable threats.
  • To provide opportunity to the users at any corner of the country to make themselves skillful professionals to overcome such issues.

Mr. Jay Bavisi, President, EC Council, in launching ceremony in New Delhi told:

India needs to gear up against the cyber plague every single day and one of the best ways is through secure coding and hacking education. Preparing the next generation is perhaps the best step towards achieving our goal. iLabs is one such platform that will get students and professionals to address and solve vulnerabilities in cyber security skills. With immediate effect, this programme will be available with all our partners across India.