India Willing to Seek Help from the US for Monitoring Communications


The Indian Government has been trying really hard so as to control the vast amount of data and information within the country. India is developing pretty fast and people have been using technology and various forms of communication on a daily basis. This has alarmed the authorities and given the incidents of the recent past with Pakistani terrorists acting on their own and causing the death of 164 people in Mumbai back in 2008, they do not want to let that happen again.

Since the US is the master of such practices, India can only hope to get some of the knowledge passed on to its authorities in the form of assistance based on good will. People from the Indian Union Home Ministry have frowned upon the lack of interest and warmth when it comes to sharing such knowledge from the US companies based in India (for instance Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Twitter).

Due to the demands of the Indian Government, BlackBerry has set up a server that would be used for monitoring telecommunications throughout the country. This is a part of the campaign that has been established for much stricter surveillance options in the favour of freedom and security, as it is stated.

The Indian Central Bureau of Investigation has been making an ambitious step forward to the information gathering and evaluating within the country and the US is the sole hope of the nation to lay a helping hand and make things run smoothly in this field. After all, nobody can beat the US when it comes to monitoring telecommunications as it has been proven most eloquently time and time again.