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ProXPN Review ProXPN Review   Stay Anonymous Everywhere

Who likes downloading torrents? We do! One of the biggest drawbacks with most VPN providers is that they don’t allow P2P downloading. ProXPN is different; they allow torrent downloading using both OpenVPN and PPTP protocols.

Speed Test

Our speed test went very well we barely noticed any slowdown at all. Considering that most VPN services run at 40-60% of capacity this is pretty impressive. We did see some drop off but only slight and all VPN servers will have some slowdown due to encryption.

Pricing and special offers

Here at AllofVPN we like value, free trials make our little socks go up and down and ProXPN offers one. 7 days free trial! Sounds good right? But wait, there is a catch – when using the free trial your speed is limited to 100 Kbps this did not really allow us to experience the service. Still 7 days free trial is pretty good, we aren’t complaining- well not much anyway.

ProXPN Pricing ProXPN Review   Stay Anonymous Everywhere

The pricing itself is competitive; the normal service costs $9.95 a month, if you sign up for 6 months though it only costs $49.95. Payment options include Google checkout, PayPal and all major credit cards which we liked!

Setup and usage

The ProXPN client is very simple to install the wizard took us through the whole process easily. The client supports Windows, Mac OS and is also install able on most mobile devices which are a nice feature. Once you enter your username and password all of your internet traffic is protected!

ProXPN ProXPN Review   Stay Anonymous Everywhere

Server locations

Since ProXPN is a reasonably new company there are currently only four server locations. England, Singapore, the Netherlands and the United States all have ProXPN servers. ProXPN are claiming 99.9% uptime on their servers and we found no reason to dispute that in our ProXPN review.

Protocols supported

PPTP and Open VPN are supported by ProXPN while this may seem a little limited the fact that they allow you to use both protocols at once. This allows for double protection when surfing the net.

Against the competition

Offering is a little light compared to some of the bigger players in the industry. What they do they do well though and ProXPN is definitely worth checking out even if you only want to sign up for the 7 day free trial.

Issues and errors

We didn’t really encounter any major issues during our ProXPN review, there were a couple of things went wrong but we reckon it was a problem with our ISP.

ProXPN Review Verdict

The offering is a little light but they are a new company so that will improve, for the price ProXPN is charging the service is pretty good and we have no major concerns. The trial is worth signing up for and if the package is enough security for what you need you won’t go too far wrong with ProXPN.

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