The Paramount Importance of Cyber Security and How to Win the Battle


Cyber Security The Paramount Importance of Cyber Security and How to Win the Battle

It is true that day after day the Internet spreads even deeper into our lives and therefore we need to be up to date and thoroughly informed as to both the pros and cons that such a spreading reflects. If we take the Jewish community for example, we will come to realize that over time there have been growing attacks against their homeland security and their integrity, as well as their religious beliefs and so on. With so many examples piling up, it goes without even saying that cyber security should become our top priority. In avoidance of similar results in the future, detailed schemes on online security awareness are essential.

Of course, we are all perfectly considerate of the dangers lurking along with terrorism acts. However, there is much more than that when we deal with the organized threats and breaches against a specific nation, such as that of the Jews. It is not too long ago (just a month or so) when Dieudonne was punished for the content of his show. He is a French comedian, who has expressed openly his denial on the Holocaust and his overall anti-Semitic behavior so far. His fans have been accused of hacking several French Jewish communal websites, in the form of retaliation for the recent decision of banning the show of Dieudonne.

Financial transactions and bank transfers of all sorts, as well as other sensitive data and even classified and top secret documents need to be protected without fail. Through the use of less than perfect and state of the art security software and systems altogether, the risk is too high for one to take. In these difficult times, it is really frustrating not to be sure of the security level that you get when surfing the web. If you look back, you will see the Moroccan Ghosts attacking more than eighty Jewish websites at the same time, again for expressing their denial for Holocaust.

Cyber technology needs to be adopted and people who are responsible for the enhancement of online security should remain vigilant. This is indeed a new type of war going on and the victims are once more innocent and unarmed people above anyone else. Homeland security needs to be kept up to date and therefore prevail in the sector of online communications and data encryption, so that none of this can be made real and no threats are verified. Of course, VPNs are always the safest way for all individuals and businesses to make use of. With full data encryption and concealment of personal information, this is one of the best methods for protecting oneself from threats and prying eyes.