IE Zero Day and Vulnerabilities Brought to Light Once More


Websense has alerted Internet users of two more vulnerabilities recently discovered, due to the IE zero day attacks likely to occur. VGX.DLL crashes have been monitored and the security specialists are concerned about the extent that such obstacles can get over time. The versions that are more likely to be affected by the crashes and vulnerabilities include IE 8 and 9, since this is where the most important breaches have been identified. This brings us to the acknowledgement that the relatively newer versions are far more prone to being jeopardized, due to the fact that they have not been tested adequately and there has not been enough time to report flaws and hazards.

Microsoft has issued an advisory to help prevent any further damage, where the company urges IE users to beware of the vulnerabilities and take the respective safety measures for being thoroughly protected. There have been similar researches from Firefly security firm and the results have also been alarming. The research has been completed on Windows OS, with the users that have reported the flaws and vulnerabilities stretching from those using Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and 8. This is quite a variety to highlight, wouldn’t you say so?

The most alarming thing to keep in mind is the fact that the zero-day attacks take place right now and the vulnerabilities are evident throughout the latest versions of Internet Explorer. This leaves all the users at jeopardy and it can literally create chaos all around! There is great need for the proper treatment to be found against such vulnerabilities, before things get out of control and before the situation is made much worse than it is now!