Idcloack Offering Great Online Web Proxy to End Censorship and Restrictions


If you feel that you have been missing out on some of the most important features of web surfing due to local restrictions and censorship, then idcloack can truly work wonders for you. With the release of the new free and versatile online web proxy, idcloack aims at bypassing the obstacles emerging online.

When it comes to censorship and other issues making it impossible for you to enjoy Internet to the fullest, the use of such an options seems dreamy. Whether the issue lies on the Government, your ISP or the specific website you are trying to access, idcloack can hold the key to unlock such mysteries to your best benefit.

Robin Welles is one of the senior researchers for idcloack and explains that simplicity is what they have been searching for. This is why online web proxy is simple and truly easy to use, with a plain URL box embedded and a menu that can deal with more sophisticated aspects on behalf of users. When you look at it, it is more of a search engine than something complicated and difficult to handle and get your hands on generally, with the main difference lying beneath the fact that a web proxy is meant to deal with web addresses.

There are several types of unblocking that are either built-in or can manually be accessed through the use of the respective menu. In addition, the web proxy is not evident in the HTTP making your web surfing anonymous. Encrypt URL is always activated and therefore you can go unnoticed and you can succeed in surfing the web in full encryption. There is also exceptional SSL security and additionally the Encrypt Page feature that work wonders towards greater unblocking capability.

However, there are certain websites that make use of different technology. In such cases, it is not possible for the online web proxy to overcome the censorship and access the online destination. The bright side then is that the solution has been reached through the VPN bypass service of idcloack. So, even if the web proxy does not deliver results in unblocking, the VPN service available in idcloack does!