ibVPN for Smartphones and iPhones!


Various innovations in internet technology have led to a lot of people using it when doing their daily tasks. Today, a lot of business and other transactions are done through the use of the internet. And now that various smart phones, especially iPhone has been invented, a lot of people now are able to spend most of their time on the internet.

Based on the research that has been conducted, a lot of Americans today use their phones more frequently than any of their other electronic gadgets. Aside from this, the research also says that the number of Americans prefer to do online shopping instead of going out and buy shop at stores.

The frequent use of the internet through the use of iPhones and other smart phones has given the various hackers and cyber criminals a strong chance in stealing some of the most important and vital information like passwords and usernames in different social networking accounts, emails, credit card information and online banking accounts. For this, we can say that our safety is always at risk every time we surf the net. But is there a way to protect our privacy and security online?

Luckily, we have an application called “Invisible Browsing” or ibVPN to help us in maintaining our privacy and security online. ibVPN has been in the business of protecting the online security of internet users for ten years now. And now that Smartphones are frequently used to access the internet, ibVPN has now an existing application that can be availed and downloaded for smart phone internet security

The perks of having ibVPN

ibVPN is considered to be a great deal when chosen as your VPN provider because it offers a variety of benefits and advantages.

  • ibVPN has 56 VPN servers located in 15 countries spread across 3 continents in the world. This means that ibVPN is present globally and very much accessible.
  • ibVPN uses a number of security protocols that offers a tunneling service that will encrypt every information you use online.
  • Offers the greatest speed compare to other VPN providers.

The continuous advancement of technology had made the internet more accessible to a lot of users. However, the said advancement has also made cyber crime and hacking likely to happen. For that, we need to take action, and the most ideal action would be getting a VPN connection. If you’re currently looking for a VPN provider, ibVPN would be a great deal for you.