How to Setup VPN on iPad Mini – Handy Guidelines for All


VPN on iPad Mini How to Setup VPN on iPad Mini   Handy Guidelines for All

Mobile devices are all prone to much greater risk when using the web. This applies even to the coolest gadgets, such as iPad Mini. Nobody can argue about the state of the art technology and the wonderful design, the awesome features and the supreme details that have made it popular among the crowds. Still, there is great need for getting thorough online protection. Due to the unsecured wi-fi hotspots and the vulnerabilities of several apps, iPad Mini can benefit a great deal from using VPN. However, many people do not know how to setup VPN on their iPad Mini. This is the reason why we have created this tutorial for you. Join us and learn all about the process required. Come along!

Guidelines for Configuring iPad Mini VPN

We take it for granted that you know why it is imperative to use VPN and particularly in mobile devices. Full data encryption is by far the best method of securing your online anonymity and the lack of online threats, featuring hackers, snoopers, viruses and other malware. Now, you will find two different ways as to how to configure VPN on any iPad Mini. You can either proceed with manual configuration or you can download the respective app of your VPN provider.

1st Method (Manual Configuration)

  1. You go to the Settings menu and you click on General.
  2. You select Network, then VPN and Add Configuration.
  3. You can also choose the type of protocol security (L2TP, OpenVPN, PPTP), according to your VPN provider.
  4. Once you are done, you go back to the Settings menu and you turn your VPN on. In the same manner, you turn it off if you will.

2nd Method (Downloading VPN App)

As the name of the method suggests, you simply download the VPN app that is offered by your VPN supplier. Not all providers have got their own app online, so you need to check for those that do. As you should have guessed, it is far simpler and easier to proceed with the second method. There is no additional requirement and there is no need for you to engage in manual configuration.

This completes out prompt and efficient tutorial as to how to set the VPN up on iPad Mini. We hope that you have found this guide to be comprehensible and simple, as well as enlightening. Have fun and enjoy your online privacy with VPN!