How to Delete Flash Cookies – Tutorial Preventing Websites from Spying on You


Delete Flash Cookies How to Delete Flash Cookies   Tutorial Preventing Websites from Spying on You

Do you know that you can be spied on, even after having deleted all your cookies? Well, this is sad but absolutely true. In fact, there are Flash cookies that are else stated as LSOs (standing for Local Shared Objects) and they can be used for your convenience when you watch a movie or listen to music. However useful they might be, they can also harm your overall online privacy. You see, LSOs are used on behalf of Adobe Flash Player.

While they offer you the chance to better your playback when you make use of Adobe in the first place, they also store identifiers that lead to the spying on your own website visitation and many other habits of yours when online. Isn’t it terrifying to realize that even when you thought you were protected against cookies, they still lurk and spy on you? This is why in this tutorials we will guide you through the process of deleting flash cookies altogether from your device. Let’s start, shall we?

Changing Your Settings from Adobe

If you want to disable flash cookies, you first need to visit the Adobe webpage and go ahead with changing your global storage settings. You can do that, if you go to the settings manager and change them manually on the respective panel. The best and most reliable way to change your settings is to move the slider that appears on the panel so as to indicate to none. Then, every time you wish to watch something that makes use of Adobe, you will be asked for permission through the display of a small box.

Another thing that you can do is move the slider as mentioned above and at the same time tick on the box where it states never to ask you again. If you additionally uncheck the box that allows third party content to be stored on your computer, you will also prevent ads from your device. Unfortunately, such an option can also prevent you from enjoying some of the flash apps available on the market.

Now, for deleting all the flash cookies that currently run on your computer, you remain on the same panel and go to the website storage settings (located at the right side of the icons placed on top of the panel). Then, you click at the command for deleting all files and you are done.

Note that every time you make use of a flash app, you can right click and change the settings according to what you want. Such changes though will only be made for the specific app and not for all the apps that you use.
Did you find that method to be a bit confusing and impractical to use? Hold on! We have got other options coming up next!

Firefox and Removing Flash Cookies

If you prefer Firefox, then you will be delighted to know that there is a special add-on that is called BetterPrivacy. This add-on can help you remove or even manage flash cookies that come from every single website (including eBay and Google, Yahoo and Facebook and so on). Every time you get online, you can remove such flash cookies from your computer. Its installation is fairly easy and you will be amazed at its prompt and effective benefits, as soon as you go to the options menu for the first time.

Then, you will get the chance to see how many LSOs have been running through your computer and spying on you. Wandering through the menu, you can customize the way in which flash cookies are removed from your computer. For instance, you can select whether you want them to be removed when you exit Firefox, when you get in, on a regular basis and other cool stuff like that. Of course, another option for you is to add LSO in the box that clears your history.

How to Remove LSOs with CCleaner

If you do not use Firefox and you want to know what you can do for other OS or if you are not certain about the effectiveness of BetterPrivacy, you can also use CCleaner for removing flash cookies. Although flash cookies are to be removed, you can also double check. You go to the applications in the control panel of CCleaner and you go to multimedia, so as to see if Adobe flash player is checked. If you double click on multimedia, you will see how many LSOs have been removed.

This completes our tutorial as to how you can delete flash cookies, in order to prevent websites from monitoring your online privacy and spying on you. We hope that our guide has come in handy to you.