Good News for VPN Users – HideMyAss VPN Adds New Servers and Country!


For a VPN (Virtual private Network) user, nothing is better news than more flexibility in choice of servers and different server locations. Why? because more servers means more IPs to hide behind. That in turn means more anonymity and a reduced chance of being accurately discovered by snooping eyes.

Hide My Ass VPN was already one of the best providers of VPN in world even before they made their latest move. They happen to have some of the best speeds, various security data encryption protocols and a host of servers scattered around major capitals in the world.

What has HideMyAss VPN added?

Before we look at the new additions, here is a little background on HideMyAss: The provider has 59 servers located in 59 countries. With that many servers, a user has over 52,000 IP addresses at his disposal. Now, imagine just how hard it is for someone to try and track you when you can switch into over 50,000 different IP addresses.

As if that was not enough, HideMyAss VPN has added 5 more severs into their network. These new servers are located in Johannesburg South Africa, 3 in Buffalo- New York and 1 in Istanbul Turkey.

The server in Johannesburg is the first HideMyAss server in South Africa and in total these new servers add 640 IP addresses to the HideMyAss network. When a VPN provider has many servers in different locations in the world, a client is able to do a lot more with his or her internet connection.

So what does it mean to you when HideMyAss VPN adds more servers?

What this means to you is that you will be able to hide behind more IPs. If you are a business person and you want to spy on your competition anonymously, you have the freedom to place your location in over 58 countries now.

The new HideMyAss servers will also allow you to access content in countries like South Africa. You should note that South Africa has a lot of great local content on culture and wild life. With a server in Jo’Burg, you will have access to this content, just like any South African resident.

All these benefits will only be available to you IF YOU HAVE a HideMyAss subscription. The good thing is, HideMyAss is not only very affordable but also very easy to use. If you do not reap the benefits of using this extensive HideMyAss infrastructure, you only have yourself to blame.