HideMyAss Pro VPN Review – Reviewing Top Class VPN Service


HideMyAss Review HideMyAss Pro VPN Review   Reviewing Top Class VPN Service

HideMyAss is a VPN company based in UK and has been among the leading VPN providers for quite some time now (literally since its launch back in 2006). With the outstanding numbers of more than 61,000 IP addresses, 517 servers and 63 countries, one cannot wonder why HMA’s course has been that successful over time. They claim and they can deliver a complete package to each online user, who will be able to enjoy all the benefits of VPN without fail.

During our HideMyAss review we have tested out such a package offered and we are more than happy to let you know of what we have found out. So, join us as put to the test one of the best VPN providers globally.

HideMyAss VPN: Quality in Quantity


As mentioned above, HideMyAss currently features 517 servers in 63 countries and its network continues growing rapidly. As a result, it can offer a humongous range of IP address for covering all kinds of needs. Countries where HMA (HideMyAss) has its servers include US and UK (of course), Canada, Netherlands, Russia, Germany, Estonia and Ireland, as much as plentiful other locations throughout the continents.

There is the option of switching among these servers and the astronomic number of 61,000 IP addresses at will and at NO extra cost. This is the very essence of worldwide coverage!

Bandwidth and Speed

One of the drawbacks when using VPN is the certainty that your Internet connection slows down a bit (if not a lot). Although this is not the only reason why your Internet connection does not perform as it should, it is definitely a burden. It has been highlighted by several speed tests that when using VPN you actually get 40 to 80 per cent of the speed initially generated by the Internet Service Provider.

In order for you to minimize such speed loss, you are strongly suggested to make use of servers located within a close distance to your actual location. The further away you are from the location of the server, the more you will the speed of the Internet connection gets to decrease. Luckily enough, with the abundance of HideMyAss in servers and locations, you are bound to find the one that maximizes the speed for you through switching servers for free.

Apart from that, there is another cool feature of HMA that is called Speed Guide and, as its name suggests, aims at comparing the speed rates among the available servers within your reach. So, you can decide as to which the perfect choice would be for you any given time. This feature of HMA is pretty handy, especially if you wish to stream a movie online and you hate interruptions or you are interested in Forex trading, per say. As for the bandwidth, there is actually no restriction and you can enjoy unlimited data transfer at quite decent speed rates without any discomfort at your end.

There is also a special feature called Speed Guide that lets you compare real-time speeds across available servers so that you can see which are the fastest you can connect to. This HideMyAss Pro feature is very convenient especially if you need to stream a movie or make some trades in Forex and financial markets. As for the bandwidth, users can enjoy unlimited usage with whatever price plan they choose. Subscribing to HideMyAss allows you to experience the internet through a variety of great features that go along with unlimited data transfer at decent speeds.

Features, Protocols and Devices Supported

HMA Features and Protocols HideMyAss Pro VPN Review   Reviewing Top Class VPN Service

Continuing with our review of Hide My Ass Pro, we are now ready to inform you of some of the best features that HMA is able to offer to you. Needless to say that HMA! (HideMyAss!) targets both novices and tech literates. This is pretty cool, as it can help out even those who do not have the adequate knowledge so as to subscribe to VPN and have it installed promptly and effectively. There is automatic configuration of the LAN settings in order to complete the setting up within flashes of moments.

Of course, users can select to manually configure the settings for a more personalized setting up; even in that case though, the whole process will not take more than five minutes. You can check the online tutorials as to the manual LAN settings, although it is advisable that you use the HMA client apps, which provides a remarkable variety of details for you.

According to the OS your device runs on, there are different desktop app versions available. The compatibility of HMA is remarkable, including Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS and Android. Especially for Windows and Mac, HMA can offer another great feature called Secure IP Bind. This feature automatically closes apps which can make you vulnerable, if your VPN connection is not live. What a great feature, particularly for businesses that execute various applications using encryption.

When it comes to security protocols, HMA is amazing. It supports PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN protocols in equal fine quality. You can switch among protocols for as much as you feel like at a time, again at NO extra cost! Scheduled IP Change is yet another stunning feature of HMA, which allows you to switch IP addresses automatically in set intervals. This will definitely enhance your overall online protection!

Will VPN Routers Work With HideMyAss?

It is not that rare for somebody to have multiple PCs and devices at home or at work in need of VPN. So, if you want to satisfy all of these demands, you will need to set up a VPN connection on your main router. After that, you will not be obliged to configure every single device, rather than have your router connect all of them automatically to HMA. Our personal favorite is no other than “Asus RT N-16” router, which rocks! If you wish to discover the details of connecting a router to HideMyAss, you can go though our article on how to connect a router to HMA VPN topic.

So, even without any built-in VPN support, all of your devices (for instance your Apple TV, PS3, Roku Box etc) can be thoroughly secured via VPN.

Pricing Plans and Discounts: Getting the Best Bargain!

HideMyAss has complied fully with the rough competition, lowering the price rates of the subscriptions and making all plans accessible for all the customers. Due to the plethora of competitors, HMA has become far more affordable and now can take pride in offering the top value for money.
hma prices HideMyAss Pro VPN Review   Reviewing Top Class VPN Service

Its prices begin at $11.52 for the monthly plan, while the semi-annual subscription is offered at $49.99. Finally, the annual subscription is offered at $78.66, which makes your monthly fee go significantly lower, at $6.55. There is a 30 day full money refund guarantee, so there is no risk taken at all on your behalf!

Set-Up and Configurations

One of the easiest setup and configurations available on the market is that of HideMyAss. Within a few minutes, you can have everything completed so as to start enjoying VPN. Below you can find some simple guidelines to your best service:

  • First, sign up for HMA VPN. You pick the plan of your liking and the payment method.
  • After the payment, verify your account through your email.
  • Then, download the VPN app and install that on your device.
  • Login with the username and password.
  • Click on the “Connect to VPN” and install the VPN software.
  • Customize your settings by clicking on all of the options throughout the process.
  • Finally, you will get the confirmation that you have been connected to HMA VPN. Full anonymity is yours to enjoy online!

So, whether or not there is built-in VPN software on your device (for instance, there is built-in VPN for Apple iOS and Android), there are detailed apps that will guide you through the setting up and configuration in full. Nothing is left to chance, so as to enable your satisfaction. Cool!

HideMyAss Customer Support

One of the downsides of HideMyAss is that its live chat does not operate 24/7. This means that you cannot access live chat any time of the day or night, which can be a problem especially for international users. However, there is email that you can use and their response is quite prompt and straight to the point. Online tutorials, FAQs and forum-blog can add to your fullest comprehension and assistance. It would be nice though to have live chat available without any interruption.

HideMyAss vs Other VPN Providers

There are obvious similarities among all the top VPN service providers, apparently. What HMA values a great deal is the very essence of VPN, meaning full anonymity. There are hundreds of servers located in 63 countries, enhancing your power to become anonymous and thus undetectable by the authorities, by censorship, by snoopers and hackers, spyware and viruses.

There is no way you can ever encounter identity theft or data information interception. Through the use of ideal features, you can switch IP addresses automatically, you can enjoy the use of Secure IP Bind (for Windows and Mac) and you can even benefit from two VPN connections simultaneously (meaning you can use VPN on your PC and laptop or any other combo of two devices at a time).

As for the unblocking of all websites and apps, HMA and the gigantic number of servers and IP addresses can guarantee that you are just one click away from accessing anything you feel like. Even in wi-fi hotspots, you can be certain of your online privacy and full anonymity. All in all, a great choice for a VPN provider!

Bottom Line for HMA

As we have come to the end of our HideMyAss review, we offer a huge “thumbs up” for its services! Overall, it is one of the leading VPN providers on the market to this very day and it is suitable not only for experienced technicians and other professionals, but also for newbies and businesses. What is great is the fact that HMA gets to offer seasonal discounts and great offers, which make your online experience even more wonderful and to die for! You are recommended to try it out (after all, the 30 day full money refund makes it risk-free to do so!) and we guarantee that you will be fascinated by the overall outcome!

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