Staying Ahead – HideMyAss Adds New Servers and a Country to Their Network


Popular VPN provider HideMyAss! Pro has added 14 new servers, 1244 IP addresses and a country to their network. The VPN provider now has servers in China. The new servers in China are located in the Guiyang Province.

So How Does This Affect You?

With added servers, a HMAVPN subscriber now has more Ip addresses to choose from. This means that while in the past it was not possible to appear like you are surfing from China, it is now possible. This is especially important if you want to access sites which are only accessible from China.

If you are a businessman who buys from China, you will now be able to access you online Chinese banking sites from anywhere in the world if you have a HMA subscription. Having IP addresses in China is also important if you are a business with a Chinese competitor. With HideMyAssVPN, you will be able to look at what your competitors are doing without anonymously.

Added servers also mean that you have more freedom when it comes to hiding your real location. This is important if you want to stay off the NSA’s surveillance.

New servers and IP addresses also allow users to access more entertainment content by providing them away with which to go round geographical restrictions. The servers in Phoenix, for example, will help people from a country like China-where many American websites are blocked-to access these blocked sites from their homes in China.
Below see the list of new servers and IP addresses added last week.

  • China, Guiyang- 60IP addresses
  • USA, Phoenix-(LOC1 S1,2,3,4)516 IP addresses
  • USA, Phoenix-(LOC3 S5) 60 IP addresses
  • USA, Phoenix-(LOC3 S1,2,3,4) 240 IP addresses
  • USA, Wisconsin-(LOC1 S1,2) 248 IP addresses
  • Denmark, Copenhagen-(LOC1 S3,4) 120 IP addresses

If you don’t already have a HideMyAss subscription, their blog gives you a complete guide on how to go about it. Remember, VPN providers are not identical. Some providers are continuously improving themselves so as to give you the best in access, privacy and anonymity.