HideMyAss helping Turkish Citizen to Beat Censorship via free VPN services


You may already know, the Prime Minister of Turkey banned Twitter, one of the best sources of online communication and news. Recep Tayyip Erdogan labeled twitter as “the worst menace to society”; he satisfied his intention to shut down Twitter.

For the justification of Erdogan’s actions, office said that Twitter did not follow the Turkish court order to eliminate specific links on their site. The statement said, “If Twitter officials insist on not implementing court orders and rules of law … there will be no other option but to prevent access to Twitter to help satisfy our citizens’ grievances”.

Therefore, in response to the ban, VPN service provider HideMyAss has offered its services in Turkey for the period of ban. Deal is only open while the ban is in place. After a user acceptance, they will get free service for six months.

HideMyAss Free Service to Turkey2 HideMyAss helping Turkish Citizen to Beat Censorship via free VPN services

HideMyAss proud of the role they played in Arab 2011, when they had record visitors from Egypt. Recently, they have been assisting the #KholoBC campaign against the restriction of Youtube within Pakistan. Free communication and speech are the fundamental rights and to show their support for Turkish people, HideMyAss extended free services to Turkish users while this ban remains. See beneath for details about how to get free VPN:

How to Claim HideMyAss free Time

i) Existing HideMyAss Customers
All existing HMA users form Turkey who have bought the services via Turkish cell phone number, will automatically become the member of this deal. Other customers, who want to enjoy this offer for free, should contact HMA support as soon as possible via email using the subject line “Twitter Ban”. HideMyAss support will check your IP and billing info. Once they verify you are from Turkey, they will extend your subscription for next six months for free.

ii) New HideMyAss Customers
HideMyAss new users will also get the 6 months free services in Turkey. They should buy least one week subscription plan by mobile SMS, after that their HideMyAss account will extend for six month automatically.

The deal is for 6 months starting from 21st March 2014 or the end of Twitter ban in Turkey, whichever is earlier. The terms maybe changed at any time by HMA.