Great News – HideMyAss App for iOS Devices Has Been Launched!


Haven’t you heard the news? Well, HideMyAss VPN has done it again and has managed to keep all Apple users happy with the launching of a wonderful application for both iPhones and iPads.

The brand new HideMyAss App for iOS devices has been released and there is no way that we can hold back the excitement overwhelming all the users that have been waiting for such an option for so long! VPN experience can work wonders for such devices without fail, bring web surfing into a whole new level and this application is another important step towards maximizing performance when going online.

Never will you have to worry about being traced while using wi-fi hotspots or trying to get access to a geographically restricted website. The options are endless for you to make use of through the free downloading of this amazingly versatile application!

HMA and Best Features of Its iOS App

Having been established on the market worldwide as one of the leading VPN providers to choose from, HideMyAss has always been in the centre of progress and technological advancements. With a wide range of servers located globally and great feedback, many Internet users used to wait with their iPhones and iPads at hand for this moment to arrive.

Now, they can run to Apple store and download the HideMyAss App for iOS devices for outstanding benefits. Apart from the easily and freely downloadable application, users can find it wonderfully flexible that they can use multiple security protocols. In fact, both PPTP and L2TP are into effect, while OpenVPN is on its way.

Easy Way to Unblock sites via iOS Devices

Now, unblocking websites from half the globe away is made possible from your iPhone and getting to secure your web navigation and become anonymous with fully encrypted data is always within your reach.

You do not even have to make use of another account, since you can place the username and password given to you from your initial HMA account for great convenience. Otherwise, you can sign up for a subscription after having successfully downloaded the precious app for free.

The Verdict

A whole new world is unveiled before your eyes in your iPhone or iPad, making the most out of your online presence. Feel free to be a part of the cutting edge of VPN experience and make use of the HideMyAss App for iOS devices right away!