HideMyAss Adds its 500th Server and New Customer Support Staff


HideMyAss (read full review) has done it again. The premier VPN service provider has added its 500th server. That means HideMyAss is the only VPN provider out there with 500 servers. So what is the difference between a company with a few servers and one with 500 servers?


With many servers, it is very unlikely that you will experience low connectivity speeds as a result of the VPN connection. A provider with few servers suffers slow speeds due to server overload.

Increased IP Addresses

With 500 servers, HideMyAss has increased its IPs to over 60,000. That means a HideMyAss subscriber can choose to be any of the 60,000+ IPs online. If you need to keep changing IPs-which is very important for reporters in hostile regions, for example-, this number of IPs comes in handy.

Increased Entertainment Content

HideMyAss has spread its servers across 120 cities in 63 countries. This means that you, as a HMA subscriber, can access local content offered in 63 different countries, regardless of your location. This is especially important if you want to watch movies on Netflix from outside the US or even surf YouTube or CNN from North Korea.

And that’s not all; HMA has added 6 new staff members in its customer care department. With these additions, subscribers can now get their questions and issues handled via email, live chat, telephone or teamviewer. For those who might not know, team viewer is software that allows remote desktop control.

This means that if you are unable to set up VPN on your device, for example, a HMA technician can do the set for you through team viewer. That HideMyAss VPN has customer care professionals on standby who are prepared to remotely configure your device shows just how committed they are to making your VPN experience smooth and convenient.