Pay Through Bitcoins to HMA – HideMyAss Accepts Bitcoins Now


When a VPN provider claims to offer security and anonymity, they have to back up their claims with action; and at this moment, HideMyAss is yet again proving that they are serious about the claims they make.

Now, for those who might not know, several months ago, a CIA operative called Edward Snowden stunned the world when he exposed the existence of a massive surveillance program called PRISM run by the US government. What this program does is that it follows the electronic trail of people, ranging from their social media updates to their credit card transactions.

This means that even if you use VPN to cover your internet footsteps, the US government-and anyone else who is observing you-will see that you bought a VPN subscription and intensify their watch on your online activities.

To prevent your identity being revealed as you buy a HideMyAss VPN subscription, the company has decided to accept BitCoins as a mode of payment. Bitcoin is an internet currency that is anonymous since it is not related to any bank.

By accepting BitCoin, HideMyAss ensures that the identity of their clients remains hidden, even to them. HideMyAss accepts BitCoins for the 6 month and annual subscription packages.

If you are interested in being fully anonymous-leaving no financial trail online-then HideMyAss is the go-to provider. Complete anonymity is important, especially for businesses that want to be able to check out their competition without causing scandals.