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HideIPVPN Review1 HideIpVPN Review   A Premier VPN Service

Now in the wake of the PRISM scandal and increased internet, many people on the internet have started to recognize the need to get a protection layer so that they boost their security and anonymity online. To do this effectively, people have turned to Virtual Network Providers.

At AllOfVPN, it is our duty-and one that we carry proudly-to inform you on the happenings in the world of VPN. Engage us as we look at one the new providers in the market in this simple HideIpVPN review.


  • The VPN supports a wide range of operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Android and Linux
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Complete anonymity with no records for users’ internet activity kept
  • Up to 3 devices can be used for one account
  • Separated peer to peer and BitTorrent activity.


  • Trial version period is inadequate-it is only 3 hours
  • Few servers and server location


HideIpVPN is a simple VPN company whose aim is to allow the typical internet user to access his favorite internet sites securely and anonymously. The company is dedicated to allowing the user as much freedom as they can while they are on their network, but it also recognizes that peer to peer users tend to clog down a VPN and affect other users, a realization that led to HideIpVPN providing dedicated peer to peer servers for and additional cost.

In addition, while carrying out this HideIpVPN review, we determined that the company also allows a user to switch between servers at no added cost.


There are several pricing models that a user can buy. A premium package- which is what we recommend for anyone who would want to use this provider- allows unlimited transfer, encryption of data in SSTP, OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols.

HideIpVPN Pricing HideIpVPN Review   A Premier VPN Service

HideIpVPN comes at a recommended retail price of $ 14.99. The software is light and will not slow down the performance of your device.


In our review of HideIpVPN we found that the provider will allow you to hide your IP just as well as any other good provider, allow you to unblock geo-blocked content but the only thing we did not like was the fat that you only have 4 countries- US, UK, Holland, Germany or Canada- at your virtual disposal. Compared to other providers like HideMyAss, HideIpVPN comes up way short in terms of server location available.


In terms of speed and performance, HideIpVPN established that these parameters will depend on you internet connection speeds. That said, HideIpVPN is not the fastest provider we have seen but their speeds are respectable.

The Verdict

Throughout our HideIpVPN review, all promises made by HideIpVPN are also being accomplished. HideIpVPN enjoys appreciable reputation in the industry because of its decent VPN services, affordable VPN package plans, SmartDNS, and 24/7 customer support.

Provided all of the pretty cool features being discussed in this review, HideIPVPN is definitely a good VPN and well worth of giving a shot!

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