Heartbleed and the Panic Which Has Led to Further Problems


We all know how severe Heartbleed Bug has been for cyberspace nowadays. Even though there has been adequate evidence of the vulnerability in the famous certificate of cryptography called OpenSSL and used widely, there is still another reaction by several thousands of websites that had not been foreseen at the time of the vulnerability. Due to lack of critical thinking and due to the fact that many web developers and security firms have been eager to confront with the bug once and for all, there has been even further and deeper penetration of the bug to crucial data.

As it has been estimated so far, about 2,500 servers have introduced Heartbleed Bug themselves into their system. Although till the time of patching there has been no threat detected that could lead to problems and flawed functioning, over time and with the help of the so-called patching process the vulnerability managed to penetrate the system and become a real threat in flesh and blood. The estimate on the servers that have made the fatal mistake of becoming vulnerable themselves with their hands has derived from Vivaldi Technologies AS.

Even though it is great that most of the websites have been patched successfully so far and that Heartbleed Bug has ceased being such a menace, it is always prudent to think twice before applying malicious patch and dubious software on our servers, our PC and generally our devices. Especially with the progress of technology having made such gigantic steps towards the future, there is no better way for us to get thorough protection than through protective and preventive measures being applied regularly.