HADOPI Law Leading to Censorship Aiming at Street Artists in France


HADOPI is the French anti-piracy law, which has been put into effect and has caused great turbulence in the French society. Artists are not positive when it comes to commenting on the specific legislation, which is rather strange to consider. Indeed, someone would expect the artists to be more enthusiastic about a law which is actually beneficial to them and to their intellectual property. However, freedom is a far more substantial gift for all and the artists are well aware of that. It is touching to see how far they can go, in order to treasure such a gift and protect it against anyone undermining it in any way.

The walls of the streets in France have been overwhelmed by the messages displayed and the paintings created by street artists. These messages express their discomfort regarding the recent law that has been made effective. However, the Government has ordered city workers to remove the messages displayed on the walls. Even though the paintings have remained there, you will see no actual words included. A street artist whose work has been censored in the past in Russia, named Sampsa, has suffered from French censorship as well. Still, he is determined to go ahead with his protest and his expression of opinion publically.

The great thing about the whole issue that has emerged is the fact that the public supports the artists and their point of view, so the message has been conveyed in utter success! Freedom should be relished rather than wounded and this is what VPN aims at, in the field of online privacy and freedom of accessing content via the web. There is no room for discussion in such freedom and no attempt of mutilating it should be embraced, no matter how many people temporarily enjoy the benefits of such actions.