North Korea – A victim of hacking?


North Korea North Korea   A victim of hacking?

A few years back, when various hacking and cyber attacks rocked Korea, folks speculated that North Korea was the mastermind behind the attacks. As a matter of fact, North Korea was accused every time a hacking incident occurred in Korea. Today, it’s a whole different ball game. Tables have turned and now its North Korea that is accusing another country of cyber attacks. North Korea openly accused the United States of hacking numerous websites which include North Korea’s official news site and the news agency of Russia.

According to the North Korean News Agency, the reported hacking attacks had the persistent and intensive nature characteristic of joint military exercises of the US and South Korea. The said hacking accusations were made by North Korea after their leader conducted another nuclear test just last month.s

When it comes to cyber warfare, North Korea is not as helpless as it wants us to believe. The country has been a big global news maker for the numerous cyber and hacking attacks it has carried out. This includes the attack that they conducted against a South Korean bank in the year 2011. It has also been reported that Pyongyang -the capital of- North Korea, had hired and continues to hire hundreds of computer engineers whose designation is to spearhead their cyber warfare programmer.

This trend of countries hacking other countries is getting very alarming. As a result, it is essential that we take personal measures to reinforce our online security. This is something that can be accomplished via the use of a VPN connection. A VPN can help us create a totally secure and private environment when online. VPN will be of great help to us in keeping our online activities private and anonymous. With VPN services, it’s possible to change or alter our IP addresses, thereby keeping our original IP address hidden and safe. In addition to that, a VPN connection will also boost our security by encrypting all the files that we send and receive online.

It is frightening to know that North Korea is not the only country conducting massive cyber and hacking attacks. Consequently, we need to take extra precaution for the safety and privacy of our online activities. That can only be achieved if we use a VPN connection.