News Roundup – Hacking Attempts via Ad Networks and Google’s Reactions


Starting off with the news updates, there have been claims of hackers getting their hands on private moments including babies and other people all over the world, due to the use of webcams. There has been great concern raised following the incidents including a hacker calling out names to a baby through the webcam that has been placed in the same room and many other similar occasions of child abuse.

As you can easily assume, your equipment cannot be safe and protected at all times when there are hackers lurking in order to take advantage of any breach in security.

Another disturbing fact is that of people trying to benefit from Ad Networks so as to make the most out of getting money from Internet users. There have been multiple scams reported over the past few months and the police draw your attention to the use of the web and the frequency of downloading applications from unknown providers.

This can jeopardize the security level of your device and can even cost you a great deal of money on the long run. You had better download apps only from Google Play store when it comes to Android users, in an attempt to minimize the damage that can be caused online.

Moving forward, Google has been making substantial efforts in order to reduce if not eliminate the danger of bugs. There has been the outstanding amount of $2 million that has been invested towards that direction from Google. As you can imagine, there is great concern about the quality of services provided and the ambiguous flexibility regarding security issues within Google.

From now on, every researcher that gets to offer his knowledge and findings and assist against bugs spreading online will be given a great deal of money in the form of a reward. This will certainly motivate the brightest minds in the field and help them identify any potential flaws in the system.

From everything that has been stated above on the subject, it makes total sense why online security and protection is to be your top priority when surfing the web.

Through the use of VPN providers such as HideMyAss (full review) you can ensure that you stay completely anonymous and you can overcome any problem related to hacking and malware in general. In an era when online breaches in security are more than threatening, you need to protect yourself along with your loved ones in the best manner possible.