The Greatest Threat for US Being Posed Online


One of the main problems that the US government has to deal with is related to the use of the web and possible cyber war that can cause great discomfort. It is true that there is widespread concern regarding the impact of the flawed infrastructure within the Internet on the US structure and the quality of the various services and governmental issues.

Barak Obama has realized such a threat as have the precedent US Presidents and he has launched a warfare program aiming at cyber services, eloquently called ‘Olympic Games’.

Since there is no other nation with such developed network all over the world, in a potential threat for US being put into effect there would be substantial damage and the critical nature of such reactions makes it imperative that the Government deals with the problem right here and now. There is a strong connection between the use of COTS (being short for commercial off the shelf) software used by the US government just like within our own homes and a rapidly increased level of security breaches and system flaws.

This is certainly not a coincidence and therefore great attention has been drawn to the confrontation of these flaws and cyber attacks. Even though such problems are dealt with on a regular basis, their nature has been keeping them low in profile and not so easily spotted and identified as critical.

So, due to the limited visibility of these cyber attacks, the disproportional use of the web within the US government when compared to all other nations globally and the COTS design in software that has been proven vulnerable, the US needs to pay extra attention and emphasize its efforts towards strengthening up and finding new and innovative methods of confronting with these online threats.

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