Google Unveils Details of Soon to be Released uProxy App


Google announced to the world on Monday (10/21/2013) that they will be creating an app which will give everyone using the internet the possibility with the click of a button on their browsers to install their own private VPN. The app, which will be known as uProxy will be a relief to those consumers who are concerned about security and encryption. It will be similar to a number of peer-to-peer networks which should ensure it is easy to use for consumers.

As it becomes common knowledge that the governments of a number of European Union countries and North America are planning to monitor the communications of their citizens, DIY P2P networks are growing in popularity. With this in mind, Google is bringing uProxy onto the market which will give users the answer to where they can hide.

When the app is operational, it will be available to consumers as an extension for Firefox or Chrome, and will have an inflexible connection giving users the knowledge their bandwidth is secure no matter which program they are using to contact each other, (Gchat or Skype).

The uProxy app is a type of private VPN network that enables two computers to use it no matter where they are, as long as the extension is running on both of them and they can communicate either internally or externally. Once they have the initial connection the users can use it to connect to any number of computers. For the consumers who are afraid that they are being monitored by their government, this line of servers gives them anonymity and allows them to get over their message.

Google stated that the reason they were releasing the software was also why they had not open sourced it.

The lead engineer at Google Ideas, Lucas Dixon, was quoted as saying “The reason it is closed sourced at the moment, the reason we are not open sourcing it right now, is that we do not want people to start using it before it is safe and secure”.

Before releasing the proxy network, Google has given access to internet freedom groups such as OpenITP enabling them to audit the code and thoroughly check that it is secure as they say it is. The Google team also said that compared to the software presently on the market, their app would be simpler to use, the reason being that each relay only requires a mouse click, making it the easiest software yet for consumers to safely express themselves.

Google has still to announce a release date for uProxy, but until they do consumer can have all of their anonymity needs taken care of by such VPN providers as HideMyAss Pro. This provider excels in customer service and if you are not satisfied they give a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.