Google Announced that British Laws Do Not Apply to Them


Do you find it hard to believe that Google has denied answering to the English legislation system, since its headquarters are not situated in Britain? Well, this is actually the case and all these people that have filed lawsuits to Google based on the UK law for online privacy have been left hanging. A lot of people have been frustrated a great deal due to this arrogant styled answer of Google that cannot be based on solid conclusions.

After all, there is a mark following the specific Google webpage and this makes everyone wonder why Google does not feel the need to comply with the legislation of a country where it is clearly in operation. This does not make any sense and therefore further action will definitely be taken on behalf of the people who claim justice.

Google has also stated that the keywords and all other details used by Internet users in the form of searching for respective websites and sources of information should not be mistaken and be regarded as personal information, although they are obviously personal and have to do with the habitual preferences of the people who get to search for these things.

This verdict has been interpreted as a sign of non respect by most of the people who got along with their lawsuits, including Judith Vidal-Hall and Marc Bradshaw. Interestingly enough, Google has been using the Cookies from Safari users so as to keep track of what they have been searching and this is an evident violation of privacy.

The whole concept of this tracking was ceased after a revealing research of a law student within the United States, leading to the astonishing $22.5 million settlement in order to put a halt to the complaints.

The Information Commissioner’s Office is the UK regulator for such similar cases of companies breaking the law and harming UK citizens, but till now there has not been any significant action resulting in dealing with the problem in a successful manner.

Olswang is the law firm that handles the lawsuits against Google in the UK and is determined that there will be further action on behalf of Google in order to stop the legal actions. There needs to be adequate information to Internet users on how their personal information can be used by Google prior to their research. In addition, a formal apology is claimed towards making people feel that justice has been served.

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As you can see, online privacy can be breached even by the most fundamental aspects of the web. Google has been frequently accused of keeping track of the searches of Internet users and there is nothing that can guarantee that our online navigation is not kept at a record so as to be taken into consideration in the future.

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