How to Access Google Play outside US Fully – Valuable Info for Everyone


Goolge Play Outside US How to Access Google Play outside US Fully   Valuable Info for Everyone

Google Play has replaced the previous Android Market in full success and millions of users have been able to get their hands on great content through apps. Globally, Google Play can offer to the users a plethora of eBooks, movies and music and cover all kinds of needs. Still, there is still something that gets in the way and obstructs people from enjoying Google Play all over the world. It is true that Google is only available to its maximum extent among the Americans.

Such a differentiation can cause a lot of discomfort to users residing in every other place of the planet or even to Americans who are just on vacations somewhere else or on business meetings and so forth. Why is there such substantial difference? What can be done? These are questions that we have focused on for a long time. As a result, we have reached the answer as to what we can do for accessing Google Play outside US without any limitation. Don’t you want to find out? Then, join us and find out all about it!

Putting VPN into Effect and Benefiting from Top Results

What goes on is the IP address of yours, which reveals your physical location. As a consequence, Google Play does not see an American resident trying to access its content and thus applies the respective limitations. As you can imagine, what needs to be done is for you to figure out a way in order to conceal your true IP address. Strange though it might seem, in reality you can accomplish that. When you use VPN, you get the chance to choose the server from which you are going to connect online.

So, in case you wish to unblock Google Play outside US, you have to choose a US based server. That simple! As soon as you have chosen among the perfect VPN providers for you to subscribe, you pick a US based server and you change your IP address within moments. You have now gained full access to Google Play!

Of course, the VPN that you are going to choose should be compatible with your Android phone and this is another reason why we have recommended HideMyAss. You will need to download the VPN app on your phone and configure the settings manually, unless instructed otherwise from your VPN provider.

Making Use of Google Play Globally

You are nearly done, since the only thing you have to figure out is how to get access to payment methods that do not reveal your true location. If you have got a US credit or debit card, you are cool and there is nothing left to bother you. Still, even if you do not have one you can be just fine. In specific, you can use a Google gift card and save the day. So, make sure that you have your VPN turned on and that you have settled your payment method properly and you are in for the whole fun online!