Google Now Opens the NSA Can of Worms


After rigorous court battles, the big shot attorneys acting for Google as it sought a legal directive to allow it disclose to the public just what the US government has been requesting for , things began looking up last week when a court allowed them to tell, but not tell it all. It is about time Google puts those billions into proper use, don’t you agree?

Subsequently, Google has released damning reports of what the NSA has been asking for. The reports show that information requests rose by 100% from 2010. The countries most affected are the US, India and Germany. The US takes the top position with a clear margin, however. In the US alone, in the period between January and June, the government handed Google 10,918 information requests.

While the cat is peeking out of the bag, it’s not yet out. The court for example refused to allow Google to release reports on requests under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. This was ostensibly done in the interest of safe guarding National Security.

But we already have seen what the government is capable of. These are huge numbers that we are seeing here. With these requests being handed over to the several internet giants like Amazon and Microsoft, it is very likely that the degree of surveillance is even far much extensive than we originally thought. These figures paint a grim picture for internet privacy.

Remember, Google can only hand in what they collect. If you take measure to regulate the information they collect on you, it is possible to maintain some privacy. The best way to discourage Google and by extension the NSA is by getting a VPN subscription from a trustworthy provider like HideMyAss Pro. VPN allows you to change IP addresses at will, making it hard for your information to be tracked.